Shepherd’s Pie

This is a curried Shepherd’s Pie; you may prefer to replace the curry powder with thyme, savory, and marjoram, or try this Garlic Shepherd's Pie. Traditionally, lamb or mutton would be used, but beef also makes a good Shepherd's Pie. The mashed or riced potatoes may be spooned over the meat, but using an icing bag to pipe the potatoes on gives a more aesthetic appeal to the dish . . .

Single Recipe

1 lb extra-lean ground beef or lamb

2 onions, finely minced

2 tbls olive oil or canola or peanut

2 tbls flour

1 tbls curry powder, medium

1 ¼ cups broth or tomato juice

salt & pepper to taste

1 tbls chutney

1 lb potatoes, riced or mashed

If you like to have a prepared dish handy in the freezer, this bulk Shepherd’s Pie recipe freezes well.  You will need several pie plates, but loaf pans and cake pans can be utilized if you don’t have a number of pie plates.  You can use several 10” pie plates or half a dozen 9” pie plates.  The ingredients are flexible:  you may prefer more or less potatoes in relation to the meat.  You may have a combination of pork and beef, or lamb instead.  Try ground turkey or chicken, if you wish, although you may have to change the name of the recipe!  If you are unable to find extra-lean ground meat, fry the meat separately and then drain the fat off before adding it to the stock.

Bulk Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

5 lb or more potatoes, steamed, peeled and riced or mashed

4-5 lb extra lean ground beef or lamb

3 small to medium sized onions or shallots

5 tbls chutney

3-4 tbls curry powder (medium Sharwoods is good)


1 large can tomato juice

1 can of beef or vegetable broth

fresh parsley

1 tbls salt

freshly ground peppercorns

large scoop of flour to thicken the stock

1/2 qt (300 gm) yoghurt or sour cream added to potatoes, optional

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Heat the oil in a frying pan and add the flour and curry powder.  Add the broth or tomato juice, bring to the boiling point, then reduce heat and simmer until thickened.  Add the meat and stir to break up lumps in the mince.  Add salt, pepper, and chutney.  Continue cooking until the meat is tender, then place in a pie plate. 
Curried Shepherd's Pie

Top with mashed potatoes:  you may spoon the potatoes onto the meat in dollops, or pipe the potatoes through an icing bag with a large tip for a fancier effect.  (If you chose to pipe the potatoes, you may wish to add sour cream or yoghurt to the mash to improve the texture.  If you prefer to spoon the potatoes onto the meat, you may wish to add left-over rice, if convenient.)  Sprinkle the potatoes to garnish with freshly ground pepper and coarse salt, or paprika for color.  You may wish to freeze the recipe and bake it later.

Bake in a 325-375° F oven until the potatoes are browned and crisp on the surface.  Serve with beer.


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