Serving Beer
Not as much has been written about serving beer with food, but beer is preferred with spicy foods like curry and chili, and with salty foods like potato chips.
If you are serving commercial beer in its bottle, be sure to rinse the bottle under cold water and wipe with a towel to remove traces of graphite from the conveyor.  Home-made beer is not usually served in the bottle because it needs to be poured off the sediment.
When serving beer in a glass, make sure that the glass has been well washed and polished inside with a clean towel.  If your glass should have mineral deposits inside, the beer will go flat on you.  Wearing lipstick or lip balm when you drink beer will also tend to release the carbonation that helps to make it refreshing.
Pizza goes well with beer!

Chilling a beer mug in the fridge or freezer is a good idea on a hot day.  Serving beer with lime wedges is a nice touch as well, especially if you are serving tangy Mexican dishes.

On a sunny day, protect your beer from direct sunlight or it may become “light struck” and develop an off flavor.

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If you make your own beer, you’re deriving health benefits not found in commercial beer.  Commercial beer is filtered to remove the yeast cells, then sugar is added to offset the bitter hops; but removing the yeast cells removes the vitamins that brewers’ yeast is famous for.  Home made beer is a remedy for pernicious anemia because it contains B¹² vitamins, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t nutritious for a healthy person as well.  In addition to B Vitamins, beer contains anti-oxidants known to slow the human aging process.
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