Low-fat New England Style Chowder

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The only fat in this recipe comes from the salmon, and that includes Omega Fatty Acids which are beneficial to the cardio-vascular system. While you may wish to indulge in the more traditional New England clam chowder with butter and heavy cream when you dine out, at home you may prefer to prepare a more healthy soup that still has plenty of flavor from the dill and fresh lemon juice! Good fresh potatoes also add wholesome flavor and vitamins too. . . .
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15 oz. (418 grams) salmon or lobster

lb shrimp, defrosted and tails removed

large bunch of fresh dill, chopped

lemon, juiced

1 tin beef broth

1 tin vegetable broth with onions


1 tin water plus 1 tin evaporated skim milk

large scoop of white flour

1 zucchini, diced OR a head of broccoli, diced

several white mushrooms, chopped

freshly ground peppercorns

1-2 tsp salt

Steam the potatoes on a plate in the microwave with a second plate resting on top.  While still very hot, use a knife and tongs to peel the potatoes.  As you peel each one, slice it into large chunks for the potato ricer and press into a Dutch oven or other medium-sized stock pot.  If any potatoes are too firm to rice, peel them and cube them later—they will add more texture to the soup base.
Place the pot on the stove and pour the two tins of broth over the potatoes; add 1 tin of water and one tin of milk. Turn your element on to medium heat. Drain broth from the tinned salmon into the pot and any liquid from defrosted shrimp. Add salt. Stir well and reduce heat to simmer.
French Bread

Place the salmon on a plate and remove and skin and bones.  Squeeze half a lemon over the fish and break up any chunks.  Remove tails from shrimp.  Add the seafood to the pot and stir in.

Dice the zucchini and mushrooms, add to your soup and simmer for half an hour.  Meanwhile, chop the fresh dill and grind plenty of fresh pepper to add toward the end of the cooking process.  You may garnish with a sprig of fresh dill or parsley. Serve with French Bread or crusty Italian bread.


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