Freezer French Toast
A convenient way to use day old French Bread is to slice and dredge it in egg to be cooked on the griddle later. Once the slices have been frozen, they can be bundled up in loaf shape in your freezer; this way, you only need to defrost as many slices as you require for breakfast or brunch. It's quick, easy, and tidy as well . . . oh, let's not forget tasty!

8 slices French Bread, day old partial loaf

5 fresh eggs, whisked

2 – 4 tbls evaporated milk or coconut milk

1 tbls Amber Rum (or 1 tsp vanilla extract)

1 tbls orange zest

2 tbls orange juice

1 tsp Cinnamon powder

1 tsp sugar

Slice the stale French Bread into 1” slices.  Whisk one extra-large egg for every two slices of bread, plus add an extra egg or two, depending on the texture you prefer.  (Most people like the bread slightly dry rather than mushy.)
Freezer French Toast
To the whisked eggs, add a small amount of milk, a tablespoon or so of orange zest, a tablespoon or so of amber rum (or a teaspoon of vanilla), and a good shake of cinnamon powder (more than you think you need).  You may whisk in some sugar, preferably Demerara for extra flavor, and this will give the toast a crunchier texture on the surface where the sugar will crystallize.  
Pour the egg mixture into a deep plate like a pie plate.  Soak the bread in the egg mixture, turning with tongs to allow both sides to absorb the liquid.  Lift with a large spatula and allow excess to drain off before placing on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper.  Arrange the bread on the sheet and cover with plastic wrap or more waxed paper.

Place the cookie sheet in your freezer and allow to chill.  When the bread is solid, reshape it into a loaf and use the waxed paper to wrap it loosely before putting in an extra-large freezer bag.  Store in the freezer until needed.

Prepare breakfast or brunch: defrost the required number of slices in the microwave for two minutes.  Heat your lightly oiled griddle to 388° F (medium heat).  Grill the bread until it is golden brown, then turn and repeat.

Serve with maple syrup or corn syrup—butter really isn’t necessary.

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Freezer French Toast makes a very delicious breakfast or brunch entré, and utilizes bread that might otherwise be wasted.  This recipe has more protein (from the eggs) than most breakfast alternatives, and leaves you feeling energetic!

The smaller slices from the ends of the loaf can be used to make croutons.

French Toast
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