Low-fat Vegetarian Cabbage Soup
If you’re making cabbage rolls, you’re bound to have some scraps to use in a hearty cabbage soup recipe!  Use your left-over cabbage and tomato juice, and add some beans and carrots—all things cheap and plentiful in the fall season.  You can add meat to this soup if you wish: crisp some bacon or brown some chopped stewing beef or pork to add with the carrots; you can sauté some onions at that time as well, if you like.  Or, you could toss in some firm diced tofu or . . . miso paste!
Dried Lima Beans and Romano Beans
This Cabbage Soup is delicious without meat, however, and keeps very well if you don't add any, plus . . . it's exceptionally low in fat!
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8-10 cups chopped cabbage

4 cups tomato juice

4 cups broth

2 cups lima beans or navy beans

4 cups carrots, chopped

¼ cup red wine

water to cover

2 tbls savoury

2 tbls thyme

1 tbls marjoram

1 tbls sage

1 tbls pepper, cracked or ground

1 tbls salt

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Soak the beans in plenty of water to cover for several hours; rinse and drain.

Simmer cabbage in water, tomato juice, and broth until tender, 2-3 hours.  Use an immersion blender or other food processor to puré the cabbage; this will give you a very thick soup base. Add the beans and continue to simmer.

Chop the carrots and add them to the soup when the beans are almost tender.  At this point, feel free to toss in some bacon or other meat that’s been browned, or some chopped corned beef; otherwise, crisp bacon bits make a good garnish to sprinkle on the soup when it's served.  Continue to simmer another hour.

Add red wine and seasonings, stir well, and serve.


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