Serving Caesar
A Bloody Mary or Caesar is refreshing on a summer day, and loaded with nutrients as well.  Serve it alone or with a salad. Or, if you feel creative, skewer some fresh seafood and place it in the glass for added flavor and an appetizer to boot!

This recipe is a variation on the traditional Canadian creation. More typically it would call for Worstershire Sauce instead of Balsamic and lemon juice instead of lime. A dash of hot sauce, usually Tabasco, is also typical. Using Clamato cocktail instead of tomato juice is another popular option. Other variations call for a sprig of an herb, like rosemary, instead of parsley or celery. If you have fresh herbs on hand, bruise them a bit to bring out the fragrance so that when you raise your glass, the aroma of the fresh herb is accompanied by the taste of the drink . . .

Vodka infusing with flavoring ingredients

18 oz tomato juice (Heinz)

2 oz vodka

1 large wedge of fresh lime

2 drops Balsamic Vinegar

tsp freshly ground pepper

tsp coarse salt or celery salt

1/8 tsp cracked peppercorns

3 ice cubes

1 stalk of parsley or celery, or a long carrot stick

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Bloody Mary or Bloody Caesar

Split the lime wedge to the pith and run it around the lip of a tall mug.  Dip the edge of the mug in coarse salt and allow to dry.  Squeeze the lime wedge into the mug and measure the vodka.  Add the ground pepper and tomato juice with the vodka and stir well.

Garnish with the cracked pepper, ice, and a stalk of parsely or celery.


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